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Forum Research

Forum Research Inc. is Canada's most unique research firm. Founded in 1993, the company has conducted research for a wide range of clients in many different disciplines. What makes them different is that they are not only a research firm but they are also a technology company. They combine the power of superior industry talent with innovative leading technology to provide their clients with the necessary insight to get the results they want.

Forum Research specializes in 5 main disciplines:

  • Enterprise Feedback Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Market and Consumer Research
  • Retail and Branch Research
  • Consulting Services

Forum Research is also the owner and sponsor of The Forum Poll™, Canada's leading public opinion poll. Proven to be the most reliable chronicle of the public pulse in the country, The Forum Poll™ is Forum Research's lens for analyzing and sharing the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of all Canadians. In surveying federal, provincial, and municipal political and social issues on a regular basis, they boldly explores public reactions to important current issues.

Research Dimensions

Research Dimensions (RD) is a Canadian, full-service market development and market research company. RD has over thirty years of excellence and innovation in qualitative and quantitative research, innovation facilitation and strategic consulting to both B2B and B2C clients.

  • RD provides exceptional custom research in a wide range of areas including new product and packaging development, branding and positioning, market tracking, and customer needs and satisfaction.
  • Its research capabilities include telephone and Internet surveys, focus groups, one-on-one in-depth interviews, ethnography, and a full range of other quantitative and qualitative services.
  • Innovation and creativity are hallmarks of Research Dimensions. RD is recognized in the industry for its creative methods (such as War Games, Customer 360 and RD Brand Conversion) and the insights they provide.
  • RD's clients include some of the world's major packaged goods manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, retailers, associations, and lotteries.

Research Dimensions' mission is to solve problems, not merely to supply research. It has helped numerous clients improve their products, services and marketing strategies.